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Inventory Management Solutions

Image of Apex Automated Locker Units

Learn more about the latest Inventory Management Solutions

Are you looking to control costs, save time, quickly and accurately assess inventories, and run a leaner operation? Discover efficiencies that can be realized through some of the latest inventory management solutions now available through Moore Medical.

Image of Apex Dispensing Unit

EMS Inventory Management Software

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Key Operational Benefits

  • Reduces labor and supply cost.
  • Changes purchasing behavior
  • Eliminates losses due to product expiration
  • Provides robust and customizable reporting
  • Reaches well beyond standard warehouse inventory solutions

Automated Locker Units and
Dispensing Systems

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Key Operational Benefits

  • Secure User-Level Access Control
  • Versatile Components/ Flexible Configurations
  • Check-In/Check-Out
  • Single and Multiple-Unit Dispense
  • Enhanced Product Visibility
  • Inventory Management Reporting

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Image of Apex Dispensing Unit

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Locker Units and Dispensing Systems

Image of Apex Dispensing Unit
French Door
Image of Apex Dispensing Unit
Axcess 6036
36 Door Locker
Image of Apex Dispensing Unit
MegaStore 9500
Image of Apex Dispensing Unit
Axcess 6024
24 Door Locker

Apex Product Video

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