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Standard Extension Sets
Amsino’s standard extension sets are available in various lengths and dimensions to accommodate clinical applications in healthcare settings.

  • DEHP-free, Latex-Free, Sterile
Item# Specs MFG# Color Size Packaging Qty Price
70444 (Removable AMSafe® Needle-Free Connector, Pinch Clamp, 8" Length, 1.76mL Priming Vol.) AE3108 Each Add to Cart $1.69
31760 (Female Luer Lock, (2) Slide Clamps, (2) AMSafe® Needle-free Y-Sites, 27", 5.3mL Priming Vol.) 003202 Case/50 Add to Cart $130.00
98606 (Removable AMSafe® Needle-Free Connector, Slide Clamp, 7", 1.76mL Priming Vol.) AE3107 Each Add to Cart $1.85
67409 (Female Luer Lock, Pre-Pierced Y-Site, AMSafe® Needle-Free Y-Site, Slide Clamp, 6", 2.5mL Priming Vol.) 000606 Box/50 Add to Cart $87.99

AMSafe® Needle-Free Connector
Prevent needle stick injuries and reduce bacterial contamination with Amsino’s AMSafe® Needle-Free connector.

  • Swabbable
  • MRI-friendly
  • Negative fluid displacement
  • Not limited to 24-hour use
  • DEHP-free, Latex-Free, Sterile
Item# Specs MFG# Color Size Packaging Qty Price
70426 AY0200 Each Add to Cart $1.59

EMS Primary I.V. Sets
  • DEHP-Free
  • Latex-Free
  • Sterile
Item# Specs MFG# Color Size Packaging Qty Price
75106 (Pre-Pierced Y Injection Site, 1 AMSafe® Needle-Free Y Site with Pre-Attached Extension Set, Pinch Clamp, Length: 89", 17.5mL Priming Volume) 108305 Each Add to Cart $2.89
13878 (Pre-Pierced Y-Site, AMSafe® Needle-Free Y-Site w/pre-attached extension set, Pinch Clamp, 89", 15 Drops/mL, 17.5mL Priming Vol. ) 158305 Case/50 Add to Cart $178.00
65939 (Pre-Pierced Y-Site, AMSafe® Needle-Free Y-Site, 83", 60 Drops/mL, 16mL Priming Vol.) 608306 Each Add to Cart $2.79
65938 (Pre-Pierced Y-Site, AMSafe® Needle-Free Y-Site, 10 Drops/mL, 83", 16mL Priming Vol.) 108306 Each Add to Cart $1.99
98603 (Injection Y-Site, 72", 10 Drops/mL, 14mL Priming Vol.) 107201 Each Add to Cart $0.75
83803 (Pre-Pierced Y-Site, AMSafe® Needle-Free Y-Site with Pre-Attached Ext Set, Pinch Lock, 89", 60 Drops/mL, 17.5mL Priming Vol.) 608305 Each Add to Cart $2.75
98604 (Vented/Non-Vented, Slide Clamp, Injection Y-Site, 78", 15 Drops/mL, 15mL Priming Vol.) AA3101 Each Add to Cart $1.10
98605 (Injection Y-Site, 72", 60 Drops/mL, 14mL Priming Vol.) 607201 Each Add to Cart $0.95
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