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Little Anne QCPR
Single Manikins (Item# 36445 and 36447) - include:
  • Manikin
  • 2 manikin faces
  • 2 airways
  • 6 manikin wipes
  • Jacket for manikin
  • Soft pack carrying case/training mat

Four Pack Manikins (#36446 and 36448) include:
  • 4 manikins
  • 8 manikin faces
  • 8 airways
  • 24 manikin wipes
  • 4 jackets for manikins
  • 4 training mats
  • Soft carrying case

Item#35517- the Upgrade Kit includes:
  • See document attached for instructions on how to upgrade
  • Modified Rib Plate with pre-assembled QCPR Sensor
  • Ventilation Sticker Guide
  • Ventilation Sticker
  • Reflector for compressions
  • 2x AA Battery
  • Jaw assembly with flexible valve holder
  • Little Anne QCPR Sticker
  • Little Anne QCPR Label for bag
Item# Specs MFG# Color Size Packaging Qty Price
35517 (Upgrade Kit) 123-60750 Each Add to Cart $62.89
36445 (Light Skin) 123-01050 Each Add to Cart $225.00
36446 (4-Pack, Light Skin) 124-01050 Each Add to Cart $835.00
36447 (Dark Skin) 123-03050 Each Add to Cart $225.00
36448 (4-Pack, Dark Skin) 124-03050 Each Add to Cart $835.00
35708 (Skillguide w/Extension Cable) 123-30050 Each Add to Cart $62.99

CPRmeter™ 2
In the early critical moments of a Cardiac Arrest, the CPRmeter™ 2 helps first responders optimise CPR performance by providing real-time feedback on essential parameters of CPR.

Quick and easy debriefing
Review key performance statistics of delivered compressions with one touch after the event

  • IP55 and 1 meter drop test
  • 2 x 1.5V AAA
  • Data storage: 300 minutes of data or 20 CPR Sessions
  • Capacity: minimum 10 episodes of 30min CPR
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Fast wireless software updates
  • Data Transfer: Bluetooth Smart

Included: Protective Sleeve and Patient Adhesives, 2 AAA batteries
Item# Specs MFG# Color Size Packaging Qty Price
33375 Drop ship 801-00249 Each Add to Cart $679.00

Airway Management Trainer
Easy to use, the manikin is securely mounted on a practice board and comes with a separate model for demonstrating airway anatomy.

Product features:
  • Practicing of oral and nasal intubation
  • Practicing use of LMA (Laryngeal Mask Airway) and Combitube┬«
  • Correct tube placement can be checked by practical inflation test
  • Realistic anatomical features allow demonstration of Sellick Maneuver and laryngospasm
  • Bag-Valve-Mask ventilation can be practiced Stomach inflation and vomiting situation can be simulated
  • Provides visual inspection of lung expansion
  • Provides auscultation of breath sounds
  • Airway demonstration model is standard with each trainer

Includes: Manikin on Sturdy Board, Airway Demonstration Model, Cleaning Kit, Lubricant, Carry Case, and Directions for Use.

Item# Specs MFG# Color Size Packaging Qty Price
13102 Left Lung Tube w/Connectors 250900 Each Add to Cart $32.09
13103 Right Lung Tube w/Connectors 251000 Each Add to Cart $32.09
13855 (Left Lung) 250400 Each Add to Cart $57.29
13856 (Right Lung) 250600 Each Add to Cart $57.29
55274 (Airway Trainer) 25000033 Each Add to Cart $1,945.00
69708 Support Plate for Left Lung 250500 Each Add to Cart $16.89
69707 Support Plate for Right Lung 250700 Each Add to Cart $16.89
76384 (Demonstration Model) 252500 Each Add to Cart $205.00
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