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King Vision® aBlade Video Laryngoscope
King Vision® is light weight, self-contained, battery operated and water resistant.

  • Can be used continuously about 80 minutes making it highly portable.
  • Blades are individually packaged and disposable
  • High Intensity TFT LCD display that creates clear image viewing in 160°panoramic field which is also beneficial in teaching situations.

King Vision aBlade is recommended for:

  • Routine intubation
  • Difficult intubation
  • Airway visualization
  • Tube check
  • Training of intubation skills

Product Benefits:

  • One solution to cover your intubation cases from infants to adults (in the OR, ICU or ER or prehospital setting for Emergency Services).

  • Choice of two blade types: Standard and Channeled
  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • Visualize the vocal cords indirectly to help minimize tissue manipulation and improve ability to see anterior airways.

Adapters are sold for older versions of the King Vision. (see #36513 and 36529 below)
Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
36529 (Video Adapter 1-2 Only for older versions of King Vision; for infants and children w/size 1 and 2, 2C blades) KVLVA12 Each Add to Cart $995.00
36513 (Video Adapter 3-4 Only for older versions of King Vision; for children >5 and Adults w/size 3 and 3C ) KVLVA34 Each Add to Cart $689.00
36532 (Standard Blade Only) KVLAB2 Size 2 Each Add to Cart $23.49
36531 Drop ship (Kit includes Display, aBlade Case, aBlade Adapter Size 3, 6 aBlades - 4 Channeled and 2 Standard) KVLABKIT3 Each Add to Cart $2,449.00
36530 (Standard Blade Only) KVLAB1 Size 1 Each Add to Cart $23.49
36534 Drop ship (1 Display and 1 Video Adapter 34 in a case only) KVIS01VA34 Each Add to Cart $2,399.00
36535 (Case Only) KVIS01ADCASE Each Add to Cart $66.99
36536 Drop ship (Display Only) KVIS01 Each Add to Cart $1,975.00
36533 (Channeled Blade Only) KVLAB2C Size 2C Each Add to Cart $23.49
36512 (Channeled Blade Only) KVLAB3C Size 3C Each Add to Cart $20.99
36511 (Standard Blade Only) KVLAB3 Size 3 Each Add to Cart $20.99

C.A.T.® Tourniquet
The patented C-A-T® is a true one-handed tourniquet proven to be 100% effective by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical Research. Tests proved that the C-A-T® completely occluded blood flow of an extremity in the event of a traumatic wound with significant hemorrhage.

  • NEW Single Routing Buckle for faster application, decreased blood loss, effective slack removal, fewer windlass turns, and simplified training with single protocol application standards
  • Includes reinforced windlass, stabilization plate, windlass clip and writeable windlass security strap

  • Featuring NAR's signature Red Tip Technology® elliptical tab providing added visual clues during application

Packaged: L 6.5" x W 2.4" x D 1.5"
Open Length: 37.5"
Weight: 2.7oz

Made in America.
Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
93971 30-0023 Orange Each Add to Cart $25.99
93972 Trainer 30-0033 Blue Each Add to Cart $33.79
93970 30-0001 Black Each Add to Cart $25.99
21025 Drop ship (Holder Only) 30-0059 Multicam Each Add to Cart $17.29
95946 (Holder Only) 30-0044 Coyote Each Add to Cart $18.79
95945 (Holder Only) 30-0057 Black Each Add to Cart $18.79

LifeStar™ EC Nitrile Extended Cuff Examination Gloves
The Microflex LifeStar™ EC glove have tested to greater than 240 minute breakthrough time for fentanyl or gastric acid. See "Fentanyl Tested" information below under documents.

LifeStar™ EC is designed specifically for EMS professionals.

  • White Exterior, Blue Interior
  • Meets or exceeds NFPA standards
  • Textured Fingers
  • Non-stick formulation
  • Innovative PH controlled manufacturing process delivers a more natural and healthy PH level that’s more gentle on a user’s skin
  • Extended Length 12"
  • Thickness: Cuff .11mm, Palm .14mm, Finger .21mm

Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
30972 LSE-104-XXL 2X-Large Box/100 Add to Cart $15.79
30973 LSE-104-3XL 3X-Large Box/90 Add to Cart $15.79
30970 LSE-104-L Large Box/100 Add to Cart $15.79
30969 LSE-104-M Medium Box/100 Add to Cart $15.79
30968 LSE-104-S Small Box/100 Add to Cart $15.79
30971 LSE-104-XL X-Large Box/100 Add to Cart $15.79

AGENT Ballistic Vest Level IIIA Body Armor
The AGENT Ballistic Vest, formerly known as the ELSA™ (Emergency Life Saving Armor™) is an innovative, lightweight and compact armor carrier system that can be used as an individual carrier, a Level IIIA soft armor system, a Level III/IV hard armor system or a combination soft and hard armor system. Designed to provide 11" x 14" soft armor and/or 10" x 12" hard armor front & rear coverage in a small, discreet storage configuration.

  • Fully adjustable hook and loop internal soft armor and hard plate stabilizers
  • Front and back, hook and loop, high visibility ID panels
  • Front and back, Mil-spec MOLLE modular attachment system (PALS compatible)
  • Fully adjustable, padded shoulder straps, with adjustable quick release shoulder and side straps for a comfortable fit
  • Accommodates 11 in. x 14 in. Level IIIA soft armor and/or .308 Responder™ Rifle Plate - 10 in. x 12 in. Level III, and other Level III/IV standard and shooters cut rifle plates. Plates are not included and sold separately
  • Four Fixed “D” rings
  • 1-year limited warranty on carrier, 5 year expiry on Level IIIA Soft Armor and 7 year expiry on .308 Responder™ Rifle Plate (ICN #27402)
Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
27400 70-0071 Red Each Please Login For Price
27402 Drop ship 308 Responder Rifle Plate Level III 70-0024 Each Please Login For Price

CombiCarrierII® Backboard
The CombiCarrierII® is a spinal immobilization device that may be used as a scoop stretcher or a full backboard.

Auto-Lock Latch System
Simple, intuitive design minimizes training. Recessed side latch is positioned away from patient. Locks Instantly during application. Manual release required during removal from patient.

Concave Patient Surface
Provides excellent lateral support and improves patient’s sense of security. Minimizes movement of patient’s spine during lifting and transport. Continuous inner edge eliminates panel pinch points.

Operates like a Standard Backboard
Patient can be rotated and slid out onto the CombiCarrierII during auto extrication.

Continuous Head Support Surface
Improves neutral alignment and minimizes head movement during application and removal. Accommodates various durable and disposable head immobilizers.

Seamless Plastic Construction
No rivets, drive screws or roll pins. High density polyethylene is easily cleaned and disinfected. Helps comply with CDC and OSHA guidelines. Foam filling makes it ideal for water rescue.

  • Fits in a standard backboard compartment
  • Dimensions: 73.50”L x 16.50”W x 2.19”D
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs.
  • Load Capacity: 450 lbs

  • (Includes (4) two-piece Speed-Clip straps)
    Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    86367 CC 2200P Each Add to Cart $925.00
    28479 CombiCarrier Patient Restraints (Four (4), 2-piece Speed-Clip straps) CC 2100-9-400 Set/4 Add to Cart $131.00

    e700 Automatic Transport Ventilator
    The e700 ventilator ushers in a "new era" in controlled ventilation for resuscitation and patient transport! These electronically controlled, pneumatically powered ventilators provide a range of ventilation solutions for all types of patient requirements and all levels of pre-hospital and in-hospital healthcare professionals.

    Ventilation Modes:

    SIMV w/PSV, A/C (VCV,PCV), Mask CPR (MCPR), Intubated CPR (ICPR), Adult/Child/Infant Quick Start Mode

    Units have an 18 hour battery operating time for default settings with a built-in battery charger. A/C power adapter, patient circuit, live monitoring, visual and audible alarms, day/night display mode, mounting bracket, adjustable apnea back up time 10 - 60 seconds. e700 Automatic Transport Ventilator comes with six-foot gas supply hose, Power supply, Ventilator Circuit and test lung.

    For the eSeries masks, head harness and soft pack carry case for this ventilator, see eSeries Ventilator Accessories
    Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    25480 Drop ship 01EVE700 Each Add to Cart $6,289.00

    Diagnostix™ 2100 Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
    A portable, feature rich pulse oximeter that provides spot readings of SpO2 and heart rate for the busy healthcare professional. The Diagnostix™ 2100 Pulse Oximeter features:
    • Reads SPO2 and Pulse Rate
    • 6 changeable display modes
    • 10 Display brightness settings
    • Visual and audible alarms (modes 2-6)
    • 25% smaller than competing models
    • Dual color OLED display
    • Hinged battery cover is more secure

    • Includes:
      • Orange and Black rubberized bumpers
      • 2 "AAA" Batteries
      • Carry lanyard
      • Instruction Booklet
      • 2 Year Limited Warranty
    Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    88313 2100OR Each Add to Cart $74.99

    Tactical Operator Response Bag with Combat Gauze
    Kit includes:
    • (1) Mask, CPR Microshield
    • (1) Dressing, Chest Seal - Hyfin (vented
    • (1) Tourniquet, Combat Application (Black)
    • (1) Hemostatic Bandage, Combat Gauze
    • (1) Dressing, Olaes™ Bandage 4"
    • (1) Tork Bag (Black)
    • (1) Tape, Surgical 2"
    • (1) 6 1/4" Trauma Shears (SML)
    • (1) Card, Combat Casualty Document Tool
    • (1) Kit, Glove Sand Bear Claw Nitrile
    Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    28387 85-1062 Black EA Add to Cart $135.00

    Winner of the EMS Innovation Award, the RexONE™ is a fast and safe patient extraction device that features:

    • 30 second setup
    • Protects responder’s backs
    • 400lb patient capacity
    • Single rescuer operation

    Whether responding to a mass-casualty event, rescuing victims from an office building, or taking a player off the field, the RexONE™ is the safest and fastest method of rapid extraction on the market today.

    The RexONE™ - Tactical is rapidly becoming the standard of military, domestic SWAT, and airport response teams around the world. The bottom line is more guns on target and a faster, safer extraction from the hot zone.

    • Single rescuer operation
    • Lightweight
    • Deploys in 15 seconds
    • Back-packable
    • Maintenance-free
    • 33lbs fully packed in bag
    • 400lb capacity
    • Airless tires
    • Aluminum construction

    RexONE™ Includes:
  • RexONE™ (tactical or EMS Blue)
  • Airless quick-release wheels
  • Back-pack carry bag (black)
  • Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    26632 Drop ship Replacement Strap R1-STR Red Each Add to Cart $45.00
    26633 Drop ship Replacement Strap R1-STY Yellow Each Add to Cart $45.00
    26634 Drop ship Replacement Strap R1-STG Green Each Add to Cart $45.00
    26629 Drop ship Tactical RX01TC Black Each Add to Cart $2,295.00
    26631 Drop ship (Bike Kit) RXACC02 Each Add to Cart $274.00
    26630 Drop ship (Sand Tire Kit Only) RXACC01 Each Add to Cart $615.00
    26627 Drop ship EMS RX02EM Blue Each Add to Cart $2,295.00
    26635 Drop ship (Strap Set Only -Multi-Clear) RXACC07 Set/3 Add to Cart $115.00
    26636 Drop ship (Standard Carry Case/Backpack Only) RXACC04 Each Add to Cart $125.00
    29697 Drop ship (All Terrain Tires Only) RXACC03 Set/2 Add to Cart $287.00

    CPRmeter™ 2
    In the early critical moments of a Cardiac Arrest, the CPRmeter™ 2 helps first responders optimise CPR performance by providing real-time feedback on essential parameters of CPR.

    Quick and easy debriefing
    Review key performance statistics of delivered compressions with one touch after the event

    • IP55 and 1 meter drop test
    • 2 x 1.5V AAA
    • Data storage: 300 minutes of data or 20 CPR Sessions
    • Capacity: minimum 10 episodes of 30min CPR
    • Low cost of ownership
    • Fast wireless software updates
    • Data Transfer: Bluetooth Smart

    Included: Protective Sleeve and Patient Adhesives, 2 AAA batteries

    *** Must provide Contact Name and Phone# on ALL orders ***
    Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    33375 Drop ship 801-00249 Each Add to Cart $679.00

    Active Shooter Victim Card Deck
    Designed to be used as a training aid in the classroom or drill scenario. No need to manually make up victim index cards prior to your drill any longer. Ideal for tabletop training as with these victim cards, personnel can attach initial triage ribbon through wide punch at the bottom of cards.

    • 32 Active Shooter Victim Cards
    • 32 Lanyards
    • 1 Instructor Key Card
    • 1 Casualty Collection Point Card
    • 1 S.T.A.R.T. Prompt Card
    Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    33942 DMS 06020 Each Add to Cart $41.99

    Sam® XT Extremity Tourniquet
    Engineered for rapid application, SAM XT’s innovative design requires fewer windlass turns, and enables easier, faster training and intuitive use. Meets MIL-STD 810G for durability.

    • Weather-resistant hook and loop system functions when fully submerged, providing maximum security in the harshest weather.
    • Windlass C-Hooks secures the metal windlass rod using an intuitive angular design.
    • Truflex™ Plate - durable nylon construction distributes force as targeted pressure for maximum strength and flexibility
    • Truforce™ Buckle with auto-lock technology activates locking prongs eliminating slack typically found in other tourniquet applications
    • Metal Windlass Rod machined from extruded bars of strong lightweight 6061-T6 true billet aluminum
    • Precision Strap - Velcro® dependent tourniquets can fail when wet or dirty. The all weather precision strap is made of single-layer nylon webbing with intervaled holes that lock with the TRUFORCE™ Buckle to create a consistent, efficient primary security system.
    • Precision Tab allows for quicker, easier tourniquet application. Material is optimized for night vision.
      Length: 2.5 in (6.3 cm)
      Width: 1.5 in (3.8 cm)
      Height: 7.25 in (18.4 cm)
      Weight: 3.8 oz (108 g)
    Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    33682 SAMXT Each Add to Cart $35.89

    Thomas Tube Holder
    • Adult & Pediatric Tube Holders Accommodate tube sizes less than or equal to 6.5 mm (Inner Diameter) to 21 mm (Outer Diameter).
    • Thomas Select Tube Holder accommodates larger tube sizes: 6.5mm to 42mm (Not to be used on children under 8 years old)
    • Accommodates patients with removed dentures or facial trauma
    • Large opening allow for view of patient's mouth and lip colour
    • Easy access for suctioning and other oral care needs
    • Hook and loop padded strap provides secure and comfortable fit; even when wet

    • Other Specifications:
    • REACH compliant
    • Material: PP (mounth piece), EPE (foam), Nylon (strap)
    • Latex-free
    • Non sterile
    • Disposable - for single use of no more than 24 hours
    • Operating temperature: -18°C to 43°C
    • Storage temperature: -34°C to 52°C
    Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    54288 600-20000 Pediatric Each Add to Cart $5.29
    29125 (Select: Accommodates larger tube sizes) 600-42500 Each Add to Cart $5.29
    54246 600-10000 Adult Each Add to Cart $5.29

    G3 Backup
    The Back Up is a great medical backpack that works exceptionally well in urban or rural areas where "stay and play" medical protocol is used. Customizable shelving allows superior organization of virtually any combination of Emergency Medical Equipment and supplies. The advanced harness system helps you tackle daunting flights of stairs and hard-to-reach accident scenes safely and with free hands.

    • Contents Not included
    • Unique design allows access to the main compartment from the front of this Medical Backpack
    • Specifically designed to hold StatPacks Generation 3 Emergency Medical Services Kits; including all StatPacks® First Aid QuickRoll intubation, Remedy, and Circulatory kits
    • QuickZip access to front compartment for quick access to Emergency Medical Equipment
    • Tarpaulin bottom panel for protection from abrasion and the elements
    • Removable waist belt
    • Added more durable reflective material that has a protective outer mesh cover which shields it from wear and tear. Helps with visibility in nighttime situations (Not included in Tactical Black)
    • Removable adjustable inside divider(s) for customized organization
    • Foam molded shoulder straps that allow for comfortable transport of most emergency medical equipment
    • Internal Velcro® lining strips to secure modules or other Velcro® compatible items to secure ambulance equipment
    • LED light Attachment point (lights sold separately)
    • Unique foam lined design keeps all Emergency Medical Equipment inside protected from breakage or the elements
    • Side pockets for easy access to vital sign tools, bandages, and smaller ambulance equipment
    • A quick stash pocket for trash and extra supplies located in the top pocket
    • ID window to label any way you want to identify between other Medical Backpack’s
    • Main fabric is Tarpaulin with a one ounce urethane coating for an easier clean and protection from the elements and BBP’s

    WEIGHT: 6.0 lbs DIMENSIONS: H: 25" x W: 18" x D: 8.5"
    Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    29274 G35006BU Blue Each Add to Cart $319.00
    27116 G35006TK Tactical Black Each Add to Cart $319.00
    27595 G35006RE Red Each Add to Cart $319.00

    OMNI™ PRO BLS/ALS Total System TS2 Ready™
    The OMNI™ PRO BLS/ALS Total System is built for the professional, built to help you rapidly and proficiently deploy medical care during critical moments and save lives. Built from the strongest materials and a smart design, and the versatility to modify to your requirements, the OMNI PRO™ delivers a customizable and organized solution for your equipment with options.

    • Converts your 2 bags into a 1 bag system
    • 1 DEEP STUFF pocket, 2 STICKIT Strips and shoulder strap with metal hardware INCLUDED
    • Add the M5001X to add an MJD or MD O2 cylinder storage or secure O2 access panel
    • Increased size can support All-In-One VIPR O2 systems
    • Oversized custom MERET zippers
    • Matte chrome metal hardware
    • Double stitching on all stress points
    • Riveted bottom skid runners prevent wear
    • Inner foam construction maintains shape and protects contents
    • COMFORT-GRIP carry handles with reflective logos on sides of the bag (except on tactical black)
    • PVC lined back and bottom resists water and wear
    • Hideaway adjustable, padded, contoured yoke backpack strap harness system easily distributes weight for maximum comfort
    • Adjustable sternum and waist
    • Reflective front/ back/ side panels, tie down loops, zipper, and handle logos (except on tactical black)
    • Removable Unit/ Contents identification panel that can be replaced with your own custom embroidery panel
    • TS2 Ready™ hideaway zippers for 2 optional side TS2 Ready™ modules
    • TS2 Ready™ for 4 removable DEEP STUFF Pockets, 12 removable STICKIT STRIPS, or combinations of both
    • Large EZ-Pull pullers allow easy access
    • OneView™ technology- all main compartments open completely in front of first responder
    • Zippered internal mesh compartments
    • Customizable internal main compartment using SLIDERS™ System
    • Overlapping internal panels secure contents
    • Dual large external zipper pockets with mesh lined
    • Solid-Grip, large main carry handle
    • Incredibly durable 1680/ 1200 Denier coated TPE, water and stain resistant
    • All compartments have air dry capability
    • Product Dimensions: 15" x 22" x 9.5"
    • Product Weight: 6lbs 10oz standard, 7lbs 7oz infection control
    • M4L Lifetime Warranty
    Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    21924 M5001 Blue Each Add to Cart $254.00
    21842 M5001TB Tactical Black Each Add to Cart $295.00
    21948 Drop ship Infection Control M5101F Red Each Add to Cart $473.00

    GONITRO™ (nitroglycerin) sublingual powder
    GONITRO™ is a nitrate vasodilator indicated for acute relief of an attack or prophylaxis of angina pectoris due to coronary artery disease.

    Physician's authorization is required to purchase this item.
    Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    32828 Packets 400-36 400mcg Box/36 Add to Cart $240.00

    Elovate 15™ Glucose Powder
    • 15 grams fine glucose powder in flat sachet
    • Best Practice - 15 grams glucose per ADA* guidelines
    • Fast and Safe - per MDs, RXs, Diabetes Educators
    • Quick-dissolve in mouth / fast recovery in minutes
    • Up to 30-month shelf life, does not freeze, separate, or dry
    • Priced lower than gels
    • Natural cherry flavor, no preservatives or colors, gluten free, Kosher certified
    • Box of six sachets

    • *ADA: American Diabetes Association
    Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
    28482 6 Pack 300 Box/6 Add to Cart $7.59
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