Casualty Simulation Kits

Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit
Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit with realistic wounds and makeup for added realism during training and disaster drills. This kit was designed especially for intermediate and advanced first aid courses. It contains simulations of the most commonly found injuries, and teaches students to recognize and treat these wounds.
  • 1 open amputation
  • 1 compound (open) fracture of tibia
  • 1 (open) fracture of humerus
  • 1 sucking wound of chest
  • 1 gunshot wound of palm
  • 1 bottle coagulant makeup blood
  • 1 package powder thickener
  • 3 packs blood powder for 40 pints simulated blood
  • 24 assorted lacerations & open fractures with bottle adhesive
  • 1 Plastex embalmers wax
  • 1 piece broken plexiglass (to imbed in Plastex to simulate glass in wound)
  • 1 each, grease paint: white, blue, brown and red
Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
17611 Drop ship Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit 816 Each Add to Cart $440.00

WMD and CBRNE Kit Moulage
Effective Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) treatment of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) or Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear-Environmental (CBRNE) weapons demands a well-trained staff and starts with early recognition of the hazards at the scene. This new kit from Simulaids contains multiple copies of several types of wounds associated with WMD or CBRNE attacks.

The new face masks feature the release of fluids to mimic the physiological reaction associated with these agents, such as sweating, tearing, nasal discharge, and mouth excretions.

The stick-on wounds show Improvised Explosive Device (IED) damage, a selection of wounds from our other kits, and various stages of disease states. These can be quickly applied to numerous personnel to get the exercise started with less labor.

The new strap-on wounds include below-the-knee and below-the-elbow amputations, and other face masks with varying stages of small pox, anthrax, and chemical burns. The kit comes complete in a rugged carry case and includes the various make-up and accessories listed below so that you may tackle the first exercise without purchasing other supplies.
Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
95328 870 Each Add to Cart $1,075.00

Casualty Simulation Kits Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for Casualty Simulation Kits because of rapidly changing inventory quantities in casualty simulation replacement parts. Parts only, bag not included.
Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
14648 Small Exit Wound 733 Each Add to Cart $17.89
17610 Blood Powder Makes One Gallon 225 Each Add to Cart $19.79
79066 Methyl Cellulose for Blood Thickening 800-228 Each Add to Cart $17.99
84867 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Burn 827 Each Add to Cart $10.99
84862 Compound Fractured Femur Stick-On 908 Each Add to Cart $10.99
84860 Compound Fractured Tibia Stick-On 906 Each Add to Cart $10.99
84858 Medium Llaceration 3mm Stick-On 904 Each Add to Cart $10.99
79064 Casuality Simulation Wax 8 oz. 223 Each Add to Cart $16.99
14662 Intermediate Range Wound 720 Each Add to Cart $17.89
14644 Assorted Glue-On Fractures and Lacerations 219 Box/12 Add to Cart $61.99
14668 Small Flesh Wound 824 Each Add to Cart $11.59
14669 Small Fracture 826 Each Add to Cart $11.39
14673 Jaw Wound 829 Each Add to Cart $11.59
14675 Large Fracture 830 Each Add to Cart $11.39
14678 Chest Wound 832 Each Add to Cart $11.39
14679 Eyeball Stick-On 900 Each Add to Cart $11.59
14680 Foreign Body Protrusion 901 Each Add to Cart $11.39
14681 Eviscerated Intestines 902 Each Add to Cart $11.39
14684 Broken Glass 230 Each Add to Cart $10.59
84857 Large laceration 5 mm Stick-On 903 Each Add to Cart $10.99
79068 Spirit Gum 232 Each Add to Cart $10.39
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