AirLife IPPB Manifolds
AirLife® IPPB universal manifolds are compatible with Bird®, Puritan Bennett® and other commonly used IPPB devices. They feature a silicone diaphragm inside a retainer cap that can be turned to direct exhaled air away from the therapist and patient. All include 39” (22mm I.D.) tubing, two supply lines, 6” (22mm I.D.) flextube and mouthpiece. With 360° baffled Quick-Neb™ nebulizer for faster treatment time.
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001618 Case/50 Add to Cart $141.56

The BAG II® Disposable Resuscitator
The BAG II® includes a Closed System Oxygen Reservoir with Universal Star- Lumen Oxygen Tubing to connect to the oxygen source. This allows providers to administer 98-100% O2 concentration. There is no need for an adapter between tubing and flow meter, the tube fits directly.
  • Material: PVC, PC, SI, Polypropylene
  • 35cm Pop Off Available for Child & Infant models
  • Does not contain latex
  • Patient Valve Dead Space: 6.8 ml
  • Inspiratory Resistance: 1.5 cmH2O @ 50 LPM
  • Expiratory Resistance: 1.8 cmH2O @ 50 LPM
  • Storage Environmental Temperature Limits: -40°C to +60°C
  • Operating Environmental Temperature Limits: -18°C to +50°C
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28169 With Adult #5 Mask 845211 Each Add to Cart $19.39
28170 With Adult #4 Mask 845241 Each Add to Cart $19.39
28171 With Child #3 Mask 845221 Each Add to Cart $19.39
28172 With Infant # 1 Mask 845231 Each Add to Cart $19.39
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(Infant Mask #1 with Inflation Port Only, No Bag) 845055 Pkg/20 Add to Cart $54.71

Respiratory Etiquette Poster
This Respiratory Etiquette Poster serves as a good reminder in both English and Spanish. 8 1/2" x 11", laminated. 10 posters/pack
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JOB# Pkg/10 Add to Cart $2.93

EMMA™ Mainstream Capnometer Kit
  • Immediate results — minimal warm-up time, with end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) and respiration rate (RR) measurements displayed in 15 seconds
  • Small, portable capnometer — lightweight design fits in the palm of your hand for mobility and convenience during short-term EtCO2 monitoring of adult, pediatric, and infant patients
  • Designed to fit easily onto a breathing circuit — flexible use at multiple points of care including pre-hospital, emergency medicine, operating room, intensive care unit, and long-term acute care
  • Rugged design for reliable operation in challenging environments
  • Easy to maintain — no routine calibration required
  • 12 hour battery life
  • Kit includes EMMA, pouch, and lanyard and 2 AAA Batteries

  • ***In order for the EMMA Kit to provide readings, airway adapters are required (Adult/Pediatric - See Moore# 23235, Infant - See Moore# 23236).***
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9632 Each Please Login For Price
23235 17448 (Airway Adapter - Adult/Pediatric) Each Please Login For Price
23236 17449 (Airway Adapter - Infant) Each Please Login For Price

Carbolime 3lb Bag
Carbon dioxide absorbent is a granular soda lime absorbent for the efficient removal of carbon dioxide from closed and semi-closed patient breathing circuits
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55-01-0026 Case/12 Add to Cart $136.50

Oxygen Regulator
Oxygen regulator 0-15lpm. Adjustable flow from 0-15 liters per minute.
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479-26-15 Each Add to Cart $69.99

eSeries Ventilator Accessories
Accessories for the e500, e600 and e700 ventilators. Disposable cuffed masks, full crown mesh head harness and softpack carry case will work with any of the eSeries ventilators.
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Facemask Adult w/Hook 02FM5210-CS EA Add to Cart $4.07
27830 Facemask Large Adult w/Hook 02FM5208-HK-CS EA Add to Cart $4.69
27843 CPAP Full Head Harness 01CV8042-CS EA Add to Cart $23.39
27846 Softpack Carry Case 01CV7039 EA Add to Cart $101.00

SMART BAG® Disposable Bag-Valve-Mask
The SMART BAG® has been designed to allow the provision of consistent ventilations while almost completely eliminating the risks associated with conventional BVM ventilation. The unique actuating mechanism hidden inside the neck bushing of the SMART BAG® MO actually responds to the rescuer and the patient.

Includes either Universal face mask or Inflated Cuff Mask, and reservoir system. Optional light (see item#'s: 21357 & 21358 below).

  • Single Use
  • Transparent Universal (or Inflated Cuff) Facemask allows for easy monitoring of skin color, signs of vomitus or body fluids
  • Complete with Oxygen Reservoir System
  • Controlled Flowrate
  • Controlled Airway Pressure
  • Controlled Ventilation
  • Reduced Risk of Gastric Insufflation

Bag Volume: Adult 1700mL, Child 470mL
Reservoir Volume: Adult 2700mL, l Child 2700mL Inspiratory Resistance: 3.3 cmH2O
Expiratory Resistance: 2.2 cmH2O
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F)
Operating Temperature (approx.): -18 to 50°C (0 to 122°F)
Patient Valve Dead Space: 7.0 ml
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17500 Inflated Cuffed Mask, Oxygen Tubing, and Oxygen Reservoir System 01BM3211-MO-CS Child Each Add to Cart $27.69
81232 (w/Universal Mask) 01BM3210-MO-CS Child Each Add to Cart $27.69
81231 (w/Universal Mask) 01BM3200-MO-CS Adult Each Add to Cart $28.79
21358 w/Light 01BM3211-MOTP-CS Child Each Add to Cart $38.99
17507 Cold Sterilizable PEEP Diverter 17MP7110 Each Add to Cart $13.09
17499 Inflated Cuffed Mask, Oxygen Tubing, and Oxygen Reservoir System 01BM3201-MO-CS Adult Each Add to Cart $26.19
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with Light 01BM3201-MOTP-CS Adult Each Add to Cart $29.91
17504 Ventilation Timing Lights 01BM1000-CS Adult Each Add to Cart $5.69

OptiChamber Diamond Mask
OptiChamber Diamond with Litetouch mask. Intuitive design enhances medication delivery and compliance for patients of all ages, at home or in the hospital.
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1079827 Large (Adult) Pkg/10 Add to Cart $179.95
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1079823 Small (Infant/Pediatric) Pkg/10 Add to Cart $174.95

SACETT™ Suction Above Cuff Endotracheal Tube

The SACETT™ Endotracheal Tube reduces the risk of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) with suction above the cuff.

The incorporation of an additional posterior lumen with a subglottic evacuation opening above the cuff enables continuous aspiration of subglottic secretions (CASS). The unique feature of SACETT® is the incorporation of the high-volume, low pressure Soft-Seal® reverse cuff to aid the pooling of secretions for aspiration.

Product Benefits:
  • Clear PVC material with radiopaque marker enables clear visualisation for correct tube positioning whilst enabling breath misting to be seen.
  • Colour coded suction line allows for easy identification.
  • 15mm connector enabling connection to anaesthetic and ventilator breathing circuits
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21521 100/189/060 Size 6.0 Each Add to Cart $25.59
21522 100/189/065 Size 6.5 Each Add to Cart $25.59
21523 100/189/070 Size 7.0 Each Add to Cart $25.59
21546 100/189/080 Size 8 Each Add to Cart $25.59
21525 100/189/085 Size 8.5 Each Add to Cart $24.59
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100/189/090 Size 9.0 Each Add to Cart $17.95
21524 100/189/075 Size 7.5 Each Add to Cart $25.59

Ultra Breathsaver
  • The padded oxygen tank compartment holds a class D oxygen tank and regulator
  • The left end of the bag provides full access to the regulator and shut off valve with opening the full case
  • Two zippered front pockets can accommodate smaller supplies and equipment
  • The bag’s inner lid includes a full length mesh pouch to store and easily locate supplies
  • Two rear zippered pockets hold bulky trauma supplies with a row of elastic loops
  • Full length back pocket can hold cervical collars and other immobilization accessories
  • Carry using the ergonomic adjustable padded shoulder strap or with the rugged nylon reinforced hand straps
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10546 Drop ship U.P. Impervious Fabric 34018-UP-RD Red Each Add to Cart $680.00
51619 (1000 Denier Cordura® Nylon) 34018-RB Royal Each Add to Cart $600.00
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(1000 Denier Cordura® Nylon) 34018-OR Orange Each Add to Cart $480.00
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