Military Fire Blankets and Burn Dressings
The custom made camouflage sterile military dressings stop the burning process, cool the burn, relieve pain and protect against airborne contamination.

The non–adherent TACTICAL dressings include more rugged, subdued packaging with night vision compatible tabs, prevent re-ignition of white phosphorus, and have a 5 year shelf life from date of manufacture. Designed for front line point-of-injury care.
Item# Specs MFG# Color Size Packaging Qty Price
15548 (Burn Dressing) WJ10HA 4"x 4" Each Add to Cart $6.19
15556 (Burn Dressing) WJ70HA 11" x 19" Each Add to Cart $19.39
15559 (Fire Blanket in Canister) MC3630HA 3’ x 2.5’ Each Add to Cart $84.59
Web Special
(Fire Blanket in Pouch) MP7260-4 5' x 6' Each Add to Cart $115.95
15557 (Fire Blanket in Canister) MC7260HA 5' x 6' Each Add to Cart $204.00

Mercury Spill Kit
Mercury Spill Kit contains the Green-Z® solidifier to encircle and contain mercury. Simply pour Green-Z® around the spill then activate it with water, and scoop the contained mercury into the disposal bag and seal.

Kit Contains:
  • Pair of Nitrile Gloves
  • Safety Shield
  • Green-Z® Solidifier (2oz. Pouch)
  • Scoop & Scraper (Quantity: 2)
  • Wiper Pad
  • Absorbent Activator Bottle (4oz. Bottle)
  • Zip Lock Bag (Dimensions: 9" x 12")
  • White Disposal Bag (Dimensions: 7.5" x 10.5")
  • Twist Tie
  • Instructions
Item# Specs MFG# Color Size Packaging Qty Price
Web Special
Plastic Case 19105 Each Add to Cart $27.70
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