MooreBrand® Wing Nut Aluminum Crutches
Wing Nut Aluminum Crutches, with tubular steel foot piece. Latex-free. Usage instructions included.
Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
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Youth 4'8"- 5'5" Pair Add to Cart $18.95

Aquaplast®-T Watercolors
The optimum combination of intimate conformability and resistant stretch

  • 100% memory allows repeated reheating and economical splint revisions
  • 13% UltraPerf® perforation pattern is ideal for lightweight finger or hand splints requiring breathability
  • For a temporary bond, pinch heated surfaces together; for a permanent bond, remove coating with liquid remover or by scraping with a sharp instrument or sand paper
  • Edges trim easily
Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
28410 13% UltraPerf A96324104 Charcoal 1/16", 18 x 24 Each Add to Cart $155.00
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13% UltraPerf Beige 1/16" 18 x 24 Each Add to Cart $92.92

TheraBand® Roller Massager+
The TheraBand Roller Massager+ is a versatile tool for self massage. With its rigid design and durable handles, it's easy to target sore and tight muscles post activity and during warm-ups. Achieve an at-home deep tissue massage with just the right amount of pressure that you can control. Healthcare professionals recommend this self-massage body maintenance tool for runners, cyclists, and those looking to increase flexibility and range of motion. Don't risk impairing your perfomance or comfort levels by pushing through stiff muscles and knots. The TheraBand Roller Massager+ is the ideal self-massaging tool for maintaining your healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Textured handles provide improved grip during use and can be used to target muscle knots for trigger point release
  • Use to warm up muscles before activity or for recovery after workouts
  • Perform a self-massage that reduce muscles soreness without the bulk of a foam roller
Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
27243 Standard, Green (Ridged) 11753 Each Add to Cart $35.09

TheraBand® Starter Dispenser Packs

The Thera-Band ® Starter Dispenser Pack is a convenient way to distribute individual pre-cut Thera-Band professional resistance bands for at home use.

Each pack contains 15 individually wrapped 5-ft latex bands in a single color. Includes a basic exercise guide with 17 of the most commonly used exercises for the foot, ankle, hip, neck, shoulder and back.
Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
98115 3.7 to 5.5 lbs of resistance 20930 Red Pkg/15 Please Login For Price
Web Special
4.6 to 6.7 lbs of resistance 20940 Green Pkg/15 Please Login For Price
98118 7.3 to 10.2 lbs of resistance 20960 Black Pkg/15 Please Login For Price
98117 5.8 to 8.6 lbs of resistance 20950 Blue Pkg/15 Please Login For Price

Thera Band® FlexBar®
Use the TheraBand FlexBar® to improve grip strength in the arm, hand and shoulder. This durable, high-quality treatment for Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow has been research-proven to eliminate pain and provide an effective, non-surgical option to increasing your strength and endurance. It works to improve upper extremities and decrease pain through bending, twisting or oscillating. Select the resistance level right for you: yellow (6lbs. of force), red (10 lbs. of force), green (15 lbs. of force), or blue (25 lbs. of force). The FlexBar's color-coded resistance levels are suitable for improving grip and forearm strength in all ages, ranging from youths to seniors and even elite athletes.

  • Available in four progressive resistance levels
  • Using a FlexBar to do the Tyler Twist exercise has been clinically proven to reduce elbow pain by 81% and increase strength by 72% for tennis elbow patients
  • Rubber bar has easy to grip texture with ridges for comfortable use during bending, twisting, and oscillating movements
  • Great for baseball players, golfers, and tennis players, and those suffering from overuse to strengthen the arm and shoulder and reduce pain in the forearm and elbow
  • 12" long, 1.5" diameter bar made from dry natural rubber, takes 10 lbs of force to bend to a U-shape
Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
91840 26100 Red 10lb Each Add to Cart $22.89
94159 26101 Green 15lb Each Add to Cart $27.39
Web Special
26102 Blue 25lb Each Add to Cart $20.95
28035 26107 Yellow 6lb Each Add to Cart $19.99

TCC-EZ® Total Contact Cast System
TCC-EZ® offers a one-piece, roll-on light-weight woven design that is faster and easier than traditional systems.

  • Lightweight woven design offers a more confortable fit
  • Allows for customized fit on every application
  • Enforced patient compliance

Item# Specs MFG# Strength/Color Size Packaging Qty Price
17659 Casting System Single Application TCC24002 4" Each Add to Cart $291.00
27302 Casting System Single Application TCC23002 3" Each Add to Cart $291.00
24208 Boot Only TCC21114 Large Each Add to Cart $169.00
23963 Boot Only TCC21100 Regular Each Add to Cart $166.00
23021 Charcot Boot Only TCC21126 X-Large Each Add to Cart $211.00
23520 Boot Only TCC21124 X-Large Each Add to Cart $208.00
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