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Unistik® 3 Disposable Safety Lancet

Unistik 3 single use safety lancets are the healthcare professional’s trusted choice when it comes to comfortable capillary sampling. These automatic, single-use travel lancets feature Comfort Zone Technology, designed to help reduce pain during blood sampling. CZT is comprised of eight raised pressure points, which work to send a signal of comfort to the brain, helping to eliminate the pain associated with the fingerstick.

  • Designed for Maximum Comfort: Features Comfort Zone Technology® (CZT) and side-activation, designed to reduce pain
  • Exceptional Quality: Made in England to exacting quality standards
  • Safely Protects: Permanently retracts to help protect against accidental needlestick and cross contamination
  • Broad Range of Sizes: Five available sizes to meet all testing needs and preferences

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Unistik® 3 Disposable Safety Lancet

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