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Scotchcast™ Conformable Splint

The 3M Scotchcast Conformable Splint is cost effective with enhanced clinical performance. It is pre-cut for convenience. The fast strength build provides early protection for injury and builds to functional strength in 20 minutes compared to 1-2 days for plaster. Low-profile, one-sided felt padding is less bulky so it molds more easily to the patient for a closer, more conformable fit.

  • All-in-one splint allows for easy application and time savings. Faster application increases patient turnaround.
  • Patented hypoallergenic, water-repellent felt padding dries much more quickly than standard padding for less water against patient's skin and reduced chance of maceration.
  • Provides strong, lightweight support in minutes to encourage early patient mobility.
  • Priced comparably to fiberglass roll splints and faster to apply than plaster or roll splints for greater cost effectiveness.
  • Less messy than plaster splints for easy application and faster cleanup.

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Scotchcast™ Conformable Splint

  • Size:
    3" x 35"

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