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MooreBrand® Extricator 5 in 1 Hammer

For peace of mind and protection for you and your loved ones. The Extricator 5 in 1 Life Hammer includes 5 lifesaving devices in one. Body is high impact plastic while the striking head is made of drop forged steel. Contoured grip handle. Combination mounting kit (permanent mount, needle prongs/carpet mount and hook and loop mount). 7" in length and weighs only 5oz. Ideal for all strengths and ages.
Features include:

  • Striking hammer to shatter side windows within a few seconds
  • Built-in razor sharp blade cuts through the seat belt in a single stroke
  • Needle to deflate air bags
  • LED light
  • Mounted whistle can attract other peoples attention

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MooreBrand® Extricator 5 in 1 Hammer

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