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Little Junior™ Manikin

Each Little Junior™ model simulates a 5 year old child of average physiology and anatomy and is designed for realistic training of basic life support skills, primarily cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Features included are:

  • Natural obstruction of the airway
  • Realistic facial features and a movable jaw
  • Realistic compliance for ventilations and compressions
  • Chest rise and fall with proper ventilations
  • Realistic landmarks for compression point location
  • Audible confirmation of correct compression depth
  • Carrying bag opens into a training mat

Little Junior (#56830) comes complete with Little Junior™ Manikin, 2 Junior Faces, 2 Junior Airways, 6 Manikin Wipes, Directions for Use and Soft Pack/Training Mat.

Little Junior™ (#24492) Manikin Four Pack includes 4 Little Junior Manikins, 4-Pack Carry Case, 8 Junior Faces, 8 Junior Airways, 24 Manikin Wipes, and Directions for Use.

(For Replacement Airways, see Moore #56831, for Replacement Faces, see Moore #56832)

(For Junior Choking Kit, search Moore #17247) Converts your Resusci® Junior or Little Junior into a manikin that can be used to train release of foreign body airway obstruction.

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Little Junior™ Manikin

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