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LIFEPAK® Edge System™ Multi-Function Electrodes

Edge System™ Electrodes For Pacing/Defibrillation/ECG with QUIK-COMBO connectors.

EDGE System electrodes can perform up to 24 hours of ECG monitoring and deliver up to 50 shocks at 360J (25 for pediatric size electrodes) all while obtaining excellent adhesion to the patient.

The unique Edge design reduces the risk of burns commonly associated with defibrillation.1 The EDGE System electrode is designed to distribute the current over the entire surface area of the electrode using patented technology rather than concentrating it at the edges.

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LIFEPAK® Edge System™ Multi-Function Electrodes

  • Desc:
    with QUIK-COMBO Connector and REDI-PAK™ Preconnect System
  • Size:
    Adult. For use with: LIFEPAK 500, Express, CR+ and LP1000 units only.

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ITEM# 0000

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