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HeartStart® FR3 AED SMART Pads III

HeartStart® FR3 AED SMART Pads III have been streamlined for fast deployment. The time-consuming steps of removing the pads packaging during the initial stages of the response has been eliminated. Also, they can be used on both adults and children (with optional Infant/Child key) so there’s no time wasted changing pad sets. Offset tabs enable a peel-and-place workfl ow that is easier and faster to use.

When used with a Philips FR3 carrying case equipped with a Pads Sentry, SMART Pads III can be pre connected and they will be tested during FR3’s routine self-tests. The multifunction SMART Pads III connector is compatible with HeartStart manual defi brillators, and can be used for ECG monitoring, external pacing, and synchronized cardioversion as well as defi brillation.

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HeartStart® FR3 AED SMART Pads III


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