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HeartStart® Onsite AED Trainer

For training many responders simultaneously, the Philips HeartStart Trainer (M5085A) is a flexible and economical solution. The HeartStart Trainer helps your responders learn to use the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator.

With voice instructions matching those of the HeartStart OnSite and eight preconfigured scenarios, the Trainer simulates how the defibrillator would operate during real-life situations the responders might encounter. And for safety, the HeartStart Trainer is visibly different to avoid inadvertent use in an emergency.

The HeartStart Trainer comes with a nylon carrying case, one reusable Adult Training Pads Cartridge (M5073A) and one External Manikin Adapter.

Optional accessories include the Internal Manikin Adapter (M5088A) for use on selected Laerdal manikins, the External Manikin Adapter 10-pack (M5089A) for use on all manikins and the Infant/Child Training Pads Cartridge (M5074A).

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HeartStart® Onsite AED Trainer

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