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HeartStart® FR3 AED Small Soft Carry Case

The Philips Small Soft Case for the HeartStart FR3 is for when ultimate portability is essential. It’s small, lightweight design makes it ideal for applications where size and weight attributes are among the top criteria for decision makers. This case is intended for environments where the defibrillator is protected from excessive moisture and harsh treatment.

A Pads Sentry (989803150011) is included so SMART Pads III can be tested and stored for fast deployment. The FR3 carry case has room for a spare set of pads and a place for the optional Infant/Child Key. The FR3's flashing Green Ready Light can be easily seen through the clear window without having to open the case.

Dimensions: 4.8" (12.2cm) w, 9.9" (25.1cm) h, 7.7" (19.5cm) d

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HeartStart® FR3 AED Small Soft Carry Case


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