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Chester Chest™

Chester Chest™ is a unique teaching tool that enables clinicians and others to develop total competence with three of the most common types of long-term vascular access routes within one simple, compact, and portable training aid. Chester Chest™ is provided with a prepositioned surgically placed central catheter and peripherally placed central catheter. The distal ends of each catheter are attached to "blood" reservoir bags. The external jugular vein is slightly raised with an opening for your catheter placement, permitting the practicing of dressing techniques. The left chest area is a five-piece unit consisting of:

A rigid underlying surface with discernable, molded ribs. Provides interchangeability of Difficult Accessing Inserts.

Difficult Accessing Inserts #420 430 and 440- Three bases upon which the vascular access device is placed, which when accessed through the overlying tissue flap, simulates the feel of a wandering or shifting device, the feel of a titling or tipping device, or a deeply placed device.

Outer Tissue Flap #405-A specially formulated tissue equivalent material duplicating the weight, resilience, and feel of human tissue.

The right chest area is provided with a prepositioned, surgically placed central catheter. The subcutaneous tunnel is visible up to and just over the clavicle. The Dacron Cuff is also discernable. The catheter's distal end is preattached to a "blood" reservoir bag enabling the clinician to demonstrate blood withdrawals, heparinization, and infusion techniques. A peripherally placed central catheter is prepositioned in the detachable right arm. The arm is in a rotated and extended position, enabling easy access. Both the cephalic and basilic veins are slightly raised for easy identification, with the long arm catheter exiting from the basilic vein. Includes user's information guide. Six-month limited warranty.

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