Control spending with centralized order approval!

Does your organization need more control over your purchasing process? Our gatekeeper system is a quick and easy way to make sure orders go through the proper approval workflow. Customize your workflow with one gatekeeper, many gatekeepers, or multiple levels of approval.

  • Place your order

    Buyers log in, find the products they need, and place orders at their convenience. Their order is placed in an approval queue for the gatekeeper.

  • Receive an email notification

    "Gatekeeper" approvers are notified of the orders pending approval and can view the order details on the Gatekeeper dashboard.

  • Review your orders

    Once they have reviewed the details, approvers can modify, approve or reject an order. Items can also be added or removed. Buyers will then receive an order confirmation once the order is approved.

    Gatekeeper portal

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